Activism Hits The Runway At New York Fashion Week

Activism Hits The Runway At New York Fashion Week

Does life imitate art or does art imitate life? For fashion designers, both of these ideals ring true. Some of the top creative geniuses set the hottest style trends every season. At the same time, the pieces they create are inspired by their environments and experiences. It is virtually impossible to separate the two.

During New York Fashion Week, designers dared to incorporate everything from social justice and women's health, to education and racism into their runway fashions. Essence Magazine was on-hand to take it all in. Here are seven of the #wokest Fashion Week moments ripped right from today's headlines:

AnaOno Intimates

AnaOno Intimates partnered with New York-based nonprofit #Cancerland to put on a fashion show featuring women of all backgrounds who are fighting and living with several stages of breast cancer. It was a bold, fierce and courageous display of women who are fighting the good fight against cancer and determined to win.

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