Work Hard, Play Hard: Malia Obama's Been Killing Both The Professional & Party Scenes

Work Hard, Play Hard: Malia Obama's Been Killing Both The Professional & Party Scenes
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She’s moved out of the White House, but that hasn’t made her any less of a badass.

Malia Obama’s been a busy girl in recent weeks. The former President’s daughter seems to be pulling double duty: by day a hardworking 18-year old, and by night a total socialite who loves a good party.

Barack’s oldest daughter has been working an internship in New York for the famed Weinstein Company. While being the child of a Commander in Chief certainly doesn’t hurt your chances of landing a job, word on the street is that Malia doesn’t slack off.

“She’s a very smart girl,” according to Georgina Chapman, the wife of Harvey Weinstein. “I think she’s working incredibly hard.”

In addition, after her current gap year, Malia is set to attend Harvard in the fall. So she’s well on her way to building an impressive resume.

More fun than her professional life, however, is what she does in her off hours. She was recently spotted in the VIP section of the Up & Down club in NYC. But even though she was out until 2:00am, she was on her best behavior. According to a source, “She was just drinking Red Bull.”

Later that same weekend, Malia appeared at a veritable who’s-who party in Aspen. Inside the Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro, her and a 100-plus person group started an impromptu dance party while spraying champagne all over the place.

And while all of this recent jet setting and partying sounds flashy, it’s far from the first time Malia’s made headlines for her social life. Most notoriously, she was caught on camera smoking a joint at Lollapalooza. While even her dad has famously admitted to smoking pot when he was younger, you can’t imagine her parents were pleased with the incident.

But none of that has affected her work ethic, so who’s to judge? In the words of Wiz Khalifa, “Work hard, play hard.”

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