8 Instagram Artists You Should Start Following

8 Instagram Artists You Should Start Following
maude_alta on Instagram

Instagram is one of the best spots to find art — it's basically a free art gallery at our fingertips. It's no Musee du Louvre, but hey, they're on Insta, too. Artists use Instagram as a portfolio of sorts, which means there's a lot of cool stuff for us to look at while we're supposed to be working (shhhh, don't tell the boss).

We've rounded up eight of the best fine artists on Instagram we could find and they're all UH-mazing! We're so jealous, it makes us wish we could draw more than stick figures. 

Marcello Barenghi

Italian artist Marcello Barenghi is known as “the hyper-realist artist of the common things in the era of YouTube," according to his bio. And his work is definitely hyper-real. Known for his fan art and illustrations, Barenghi posts drawing videos on his Instagram and YouTube channel.

Lix North

Lix North is an award-winning painter and illustrator. Based in Brisbane, Australia she works with clients all over the world. She's currently working on a series to display at the Lethbridge Gallery, located in Brisbane, in May. North's "steampunk" fashion truly adds a unique distinction to her work. 

Ali Cavanaugh

Watercolor portraiture artist Ali Cavanaugh boasts more than a 100k followers on Instagram. She's kind of amazing. Her portraits look mesmerizingly real and she works in monochromatic watercolors. Her most recent gallery opening, "Sight Unseen," just opened in Denver.

Clio Newton

Clio Newton is known for her larger-than-life paintings and drawings of women. Her portraits are incredibly realistic and capture the very essence of feminism. Although her Instagram has a modest following, a little more than 18k, her vibrant work certainly makes her an artist to follow.

Jono Dry

South African artist Jono Dry is known for his photo-realistic pencil drawings. The majority of his work is done on a large scale and he shares his most recent designs on Instagram. We’re loving his latest piece called, “Pupil,” a surrealist drawing which he revealed took months to complete.

Maude White

Maude White is a paper artist — she cuts paper in order to make amazingly intricate designs. Her artist bio explains that her work is an expansion of her family's background as visual storytellers. The contrast between her designs and the black background are meant to act as these visual stories. 

Lorraine Loots

Watercolor artist Lorraine Loots calls her work, "paintings for ants." And rightly so because she exquisitely, and in great detail, paints on a miniature scale. Some of her work is smaller than a penny. 

Marco Grassi

Italian-based painter Marco Grassi creates stunningly real portraits. His style dips into photo and hyper-realism. Not to mention, everything he does looks incredibly real. His work, mostly done in oil, is unbelievably detailed and sometimes life-size. 

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